"We currently use “Draingarde® covers” at Baltusrol Golf Club to cover our surface drains when making chemical and fertilizer applications. Our goal is to minimize our applications from entering drains and feeding into our stream and ponds. One more tool and BMP to enhance our position of protecting our resources and the environment as a whole."

Mark D. Kuhns CGCS
Director of Grounds
Baltusrol Golf Club

"I am very impressed with the design quality and function of the Draingarde covers with respect to the environment and to Best Management Practices. I was quite pleased that they have an excellent bonus function when flipped over as covers for sprinkler drives, used to protect from sand contamination during topdressing and matting operations."

Michael Dermott
Golf Course Superintendent
Oakdale Golf & Country Club

"Draingarde covers, my little plates of safety for fertilizer & chemical applications. Now, helping me prevent staining from turf dyes, wonderful !"

Dean Baker CGCS
Course Superintendent
Burlington Golf and Country Club

“Draingarde has saved us hours of clean up around sprinkler heads and has stopped contamination of our drains during and after aerification.

Chris Andrejicka
Essex Golf and Country Club

"I used two sizes of the Draingarde covers to cover sprinklers and catch basins last year when we were aerating and topdressing greens. They were great to protect these valuable assets and made clean up a breeze!"

Marc Brooks C.G.C.S., M.S.
Property Manager
Legacy Ridge G.C.

"I really like the Draingarde sprinkler covers for topdressing. Simple and effective. The Draingarde catch basin covers are a must have. "

Bert McFadden
Golf Course Superintendent
The Georgian Bay Club

“We use them for both fertilizer and pesticide applications. Draingarde covers helps keep products out of our creeks, ponds and lake! (Also works great for keeping Civitas off our yardage markers **J*)”

Jeff Lockhart
Assistant Superintendent
Burlington Golf and Country Club

“Draingarde covers are a Standard Operating Procedure when spraying chemicals or fertilizers at The Rock. We are proud to be doing our part in protecting our local watershed.”

Deni Terenzio
Course Superintendent and Property Manager
The Rock Golf Club and Cleveland’s House - Muskoka

"As a Superintendent, I feel it is our responsibility to do all we can to reduce our footprint and impact on the environment and Draingarde helps me do that."

Dennis Piccolo
Golf Course Superintendent
St. Catharines Golf and Country Club