Simple Solution


    Pesticide and/or Fertilizer applications applied at the rates of 50 GPA (liquid) or 5 lbs/1ooosq.ft (granular) have the following impacts on the environment where catch basins exist for the maintenance of turfgrass.

    50,000 Litres of pesticide and/or fertilizer spray could be prevented each season using Draingarde.*

    25,000 pounds of pesticide and/or fertilizer granule could be prevented each season using Draingarde.**

  • WITH

    Prevents pesticides and fertilizers from directly entering your drainage system and then the local watersheds. At the time of application, the drain covers will prevent these chemicals from directly entering the drainage system through the openings in the top of the catch basins or drain grates.

    Draingarde is a simple solution to STOPPING POINT SOURCE POLLUTION caused by pesticide and fertilizer applications made to turfgrass on golf courses, sports fields and other managed turfgrass areas.