Learn How To Use Drain Covers

Maintain Golf Courses, protect Turf Grass surfaces with our Catch Basin Cover, Drain Grate Cover & Sprinkler Head Cover.

PROBLEM: STOP putting chemicals and fertilizers down the drains at the time of applications to turf

SOLUTION: Cover the catch basin before applying chemical or fertilizer to turf


  • Prevent point source pollution of ponds, rivers and watersheds
  • Reduce liability and risk of environmental impact on local watersheds
  • Save money by not putting it down the drain
  • Improve Image and Awareness of the Professionalism of Golf Industry
  • Address current issues related to the environment
  • Illustrate environmental responsibility and Best Management Practices

STEP 1        Download Draingarde catch basin inventory audit - Click here to Download

STEP 2        Complete catch basin inventory of property

STEP 3        Order the necessary units of draingarde® and be a water steward

STEP 4        Follow the "How to" instructions 

STEP 5        Communicate the efforts taken to protect the local watershed    

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Draingarde® catch basin cover is made with recycled materials and will last several years.  When draingarde® catch basin covers are used as a Standard Operating Procedure for the area then the ability for the pesticide or fertilizer to enter the surface water directly through the drain by way of application is eliminated. Be a drainwater steward and protect our water by using draingarde® catch basin covers before fertilizer and pesticide applications, it is the responsible thing to do.