PROBLEM: STOP putting chemicals and fertilizers down the drains at the time of applications to turf

SOLUTION: Cover the catch basin before applying chemical or fertilizer to turf

BENEFITS: Prevent point source pollution of ponds, rivers and watersheds

                     Reduce liability and risk of environmental impact on local watersheds

                     Save money by not putting it down the drain

                     Improve Image and Awareness of the Professionalism of Golf Industry

                     Address current issues related to the environment

                     Illustrate environmental responsibility and Best Management Practices

STEP 1        Download Draingarde catch basin inventory audit - Click here to Download

STEP 2        Complete catch basin inventory of property

STEP 3        Order the necessary units of draingarde® and be a water steward

STEP 4        Follow the "How to" instructions 

STEP 5        Communicate the efforts taken to protect the local watershed    

Draingarde® catch basin cover is made with recycled materials and will last several years.  When draingarde® catch basin covers are used as a Standard Operating Procedure for the area then the ability for the pesticide or fertilizer to enter the surface water directly through the drain by way of application is eliminated. Be a drainwater steward and protect our water by using draingarde® catch basin covers before fertilizer and pesticide applications, it is the responsible thing to do.