Why You Should Choose Draingarde Inc.!

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Why You Should Choose Draingarde Inc.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to maintain your golf course and managed turf grass surfaces in an ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable manner, we’re the only company in Canada solely focused on stopping point-source pollution on sports turf. Our drain covers help you stop the contamination of drains while undertaking chemical and fertilizer applications and they save hours of marking and clean up around sprinkler heads before and after aerification or other cultural practices and they help prevent sprinkler head damage during these processes.

Our main aim is to help ensure that the water that is collected on your golf course or sports field through the drainage system is clean. Draingarde covers reduce point source pollution and facilitate sustainable environmental water management.  They also save time and prevent the need to replace damaged sprinkler heads and reduce drainage system maintenance costs.  At Draingarde Inc., we are confident the products and services we provide will meet your expectations. If you would like to chat with current users, please let us know and we’ll provide you with numerous contacts to check out our claims  We’re very proud of what we do, so here are a couple of reasons why we believe you should choose Draingarde Inc. covers for your property:

Draingarde covers help protect our environment: Draingarde Inc. is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures water protection devices that fit on top of drainage system catch basins. The covers work as a safeguard during fertilizer and pesticide applications and when cultural practices such as aeration, topdressing and verticutting are occurring on the golf course to reduce the amount of pesticide, fertilizer and organic matter entering the drainage system. They also help to reduce the time involved and the cost associated with clean up.

Draingarde facilitates environmental best practices: Using our covers represents a best practice that demonstrates proper environmental stewardship and consideration for maintaining the quality of the water collected on the golf course or sports field during storm events. Independent studies show that using Draingarde covers reduces the amount of fertilizer and pesticide that enters the drainage system during application by 93%.

The Draingarde system is easy to use and is cost efficient: Draingarde covers are simple to use, durable, color-coded and easily stored for reuse. Most golf courses can fully implement the Draingarde system for under $2,500 and the covers will last for multiple years thus extending that cost over at least two but more than likely three or four years. That's an average annual cost of $1,250 or less.

Draingarde is the only company solely focused on water protection for golf course and turf management: Draingarde has no competitors in the water protection market. However, our products are designed to work in the fast-paced and cost-sensitive world of golf course management, they are sensitive to the environmental stewardship objectives of the golf course management profession and they really work. Independent investigation has demonstrated that Draingarde catch basin covers prevent 93% of the point source pollution that would otherwise occur during the application of fertilizers and pesticides on golf courses.

Draingarde covers are durable and effective: Draingarde covers are proven to be effective, to last for several years and to be easy to use. The different sized catch basin covers are color-coded to make it easy to recognize which color fits on which catch basin cover size. The distinctive colors also allow for them to be easily identified on the golf course, reducing the time required to implement the Draingarde approach. No other covers exist that are geared specifically at preventing point source pollution on your golf course or sports field.

Draingarde covers also protect sprinkler heads from damage: Draingarde covers can also be used during aerification, verticutting and topdressing to protect sprinkler heads from damage and to make post-cultural practice cleanup faster, more manageable and more cost-effective. The red and yellow Draingarde covers invert and fit easily over green and fairway sprinkler heads making flagging unnecessary and making cleanup after the act a quick and straightforward process.

Outstanding customer service and satisfaction: Draingarde customer service is second to none. Working through our network of distributors in Canada or with our order fulfillment process is fast and straightforward. Your order will be processed quickly and accurately and shipped to you within three business days. Any changes are handled with no questions asked and if you are dissatisfied with the product, just return it to Draingarde within sixty days for a full refund.

As the pioneers of catch basin covers for water protection on golf courses and sports fields, we offer our services anywhere in Canada or the USA. To learn more about Draingarde Inc., please click here. To read what our clients are saying about us, please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, get in touch with us by clicking here.